Early Signs And Symptoms Of The Flu

Flu Symptoms

It is that time of the year again. It is flu season and you need to be prepared and learn what the early signs and symptoms are so that you can get the proper treatment early. If you wait a few days before you seek treatment then any medications or remedies that are proven to help will be almost ineffective. Keep an eye on your symptoms and if you suspect that you might have the flu then you need to get to the doctor or an urgent care facility right away. Here are some of the early warning signs. If you notice any of these you should take action.

Sore Muscles And Joint

This is one of the hallmark symptoms of the flu. If you have soreness in your muscles and joints without an obvious cause and you are also having other symptoms of illness then you should consider calling you doctor right away. A cold will not present this particular symptom.

A Sudden High Fever

This is another symptom that sets a simple cold apart from the flu. A flu virus will cause you to run a high sudden fever. A cold will not usually cause this type of issue. If you get a fever than in most cases it will be a symptom of the flu.

Extreme Fatigue And Weakness

The flu really packs a punch and will drain all of your energy. When you have the flu you don’t just feel tired you feel tired and weak to an extreme degree. It can really make the smallest chore feel completely overwhelming. This is one of the best ways to distinguish between a cold and the flu.

A Headache

The flu in most cases will begin with a headache. For many, this is the very first symptom that will be telling of the type of illness that you have. A cold will not usually cause a headache. Shortly after a headache, you will likely notice the sore muscle and joints along with a fever.

A Sore Throat

A sore throat can be a symptom of either a cold or the flu. However, it is important to note that a sore throat will most likely be accompanied by some other symptoms of the flu. A sore throat is just one more factor in cementing the suspicion of the flu.

The flu can have many other signs and symptoms when you initially are infected with the virus. You may be confused and feel that you may not need medical attention, but if you have the previously mentioned symptoms then you should call your doctor immediately. You will need to be seen to have a swab done to confirm whether or not the flu virus is actually present. In order to receive the right medicine to treat the flu effectively there must be a diagnosis and then treatment within forty eight hours from the onset of the illness. When flu is a possibility there is no reason to wait for symptoms to progress further.