Yellow Fever Vaccine Recommendations for Traveling Abroad

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow fever Vaccination recommendation

There is a proposal that people traveling abroad get vaccinated for yellow fever. The vaccination mostly applies to people traveling to countries that are affected by the virus, while in other cases; it’s the requirement of a state that anyone going to their country is vaccinated. Vaccination not only protects you as an individual but also the people you interact with in the course of your visit; since yellow fever is a highly contagious disease.

Can anyone be vaccinated?

The yellow fever vaccine applies to anyone aged nine months up to the age of sixty years. Any person between this age brackets can get vaccinated for yellow fever unless other reasons are preventing them from being vaccinated. This reason could vary from person to person, e.g. The vaccine is not recommendable for pregnant women and lactating mothers, people with an allergy to the vaccine component, HIV-infected individuals in the asymptomatic stage, persons with primary immunodeficiency and malignant neoplasms just to mention a few. However, consult your doctor before undertaking the vaccination. Travelers aged below nine months (say half a year and above) and older than sixty years have to be vetted for treatment by a professional doctor. In such cases, the help of a responsible adult is required before proceeding with the vaccination.

Effectiveness of the yellow fever vaccine

On vaccination, the vaccine takes effect after ten days. However, since immunity varies from one person to another, it may take a longer time to take effect in one person, and shorter time to take effect in another. If you are planning to travel, and you need the yellow fever vaccination, take the treatment ten days before hand. The International Certificate of Vaccination, which you need to confirm your vaccination, is only valid ten days after the vaccination.

Upon treatment, a single dosage grants you long-term protection, without the need for a boost. For some people, it may take ten years while to others it might be longer; even a lifetime with no requirement of a booster dose. Depending on your immunity, you may require a booster after every ten years. Some countries, however, the booster dose of the vaccine is a must.

The yellow fever vaccines are given in any authorized center, and issuance of the certificate follows after the dose takes effect.

It’s the duty of the country, through its leaders to protect their citizens. Protection comes in many ways, and health is no exception. The health of the citizens translates to that of the entire country, and it is, therefore, important to protect them to enhance its health and healthy relationships between the different countries. Citizens ought to be compliant to enhance this, as it is not one-sided.