Why You Really Need To Follow Up DTaP With A Tdap Booster Immunization?

DTaP Vaccine

Immunizations are an important public health measure. Vaccines help keep people healthy. A single vaccine can provide immunity against several diseases. One of the most commonly given vaccines is the DTaP.

The DTaP

The DTaP helps provide protection against dangerous diseases. Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis are all very highly dangerous diseases that can cause many side effects and may even kill people. The vaccine is given to help protect people of all ages against these diseases. Doctors highly recommend that people get the vaccine if they have not done so before. While the vaccine should be given, it may also be necessary to follow up with a booster shot.

A Booster

A booster shot is an additional shot. Booster shots are given in order to help provide additional immunity. For example, a single shot may produce immunity in roughly eighty percent of all people who get the shot, an additional booster shot can help bring that percentage up even further. Each dosage of the shot will help the recipient produce the antibodies that are necessary for overall immunity. Once a person is immune, they may not get sick from the disease the vaccine is designed to prevent. They may also be included to be less sick should they get the disease after getting the booster shot.

The DTaP

This is very much true of the DTaP vaccine. The DTaP vaccine is typically administered to babies and children. An adult may also get the shot if they have not gotten it as a child. The DTaP is a highly effective vaccine that will help protect the person against three separate diseases. However, while the shot works for much of the population, it may not work for all people. A person may have gotten the shot and may still not be immune to one or more of the diseases in question. This can be tested by a test known as a titer. A titer measures the level of antibodies in the blood. When antibodies are high enough, the person is known to be immune.

A Followup Booster Shot

The Tdap is designed to be a followup shot. Doctors routinely recommend it because the immunity from the original shot may have waned. This can happen, in that case, a Tdap booster can help them produce additional immunity. The shot may be recommended for someone who is pregnant and wants to make sure her fetus does not get pertussis. A booster shot may also be recommended for anyone entering the medical professional so they can help protect their patients from getting these diseases. The new shot will often work quickly, helping the patient to become immune and avoid catching and spreading diphtheria and whooping cough.